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with global standard of management for Pediatric skin problems and Atopic Dermatitis


16A/1 Earl street (Near Madox Square park) Kolkata 700026.

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16A/1 Earl street (Near Madox Square park) Kolkata 700026

For Dr. Sandipan Dhar’s appointment, please contact
Mr. Supriyo / Mr. Swarup between 10-11 am

On Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday please contact

  • Physical appointments are given 2 days in advance from the appointment desk of the skin clinic. Very limited slots and get exhausted within max 1 hr. One might have to try for 2-3 months but must call during the scheduled time mentioned.
  • Appointment time is approximate and the patient and party should have at least 4-5 hrs extra at hand as a waiting period.

For online consultation, please contact Ms. Priyanka Banerjee or Mr Haridas 5/6 days before scheduled date.
Slots are very limited.