About Dr. Sandipan Dhar

Dr. Sandipan Dhar

Dr.Sandipan Dhar is a renowned Pediatrc Dermatologist & Atopic Dermatitis researcher of National & International repute. His qualifications : MBBS, MD( Dermatology), DNBE, FRCP ( Edin).

Dr. Dhar has so far published more than 290 scientific papers in various national & international journals of which more than 100 papers are on Paediatric Dermatology and 50 papers on Atopic Dermatitis. His papers have been abstracted and quoted in Year Books of Dermatology , various standard  text books of Dermatology & Paediatric Dermatology . He has authored “Colour atlas and synopsis of Paediatric Dermatology” ,  the  first book On Pediatric Dermatology from India. He has  authored five more books on Dermatology for the practising dermatologists, postgraduate students and internists. He is the  Former editor of  Indian Journal of Dermatology, Editor-in-chief, Indian Journal of Pediatric Dermatology( IJPD), and a member of the editorial board of  several journals in Dermatology and Paediatric Dermatology . He  delivered the most prestigious Oration of Indian association Of Dermatologist Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL) ,Dr. B M Ambady Oration  on  his work on Atopic Dermatitis at the 32nd National Conference of IADVL at Bangalore  in January, 2009.

His fields of interest are Paediatric Dermatology, Atopic Dermatitis , Urticaria  and  Adverse cutaneous drug eruptions.


He is one of the key persons for establishing the subspeciality ’Pediatric Dermatology’ in India and is currently the President  of  Indian Society For Pediatric Dermatology(ISPD) & Editor-in –Chief of Indian Journal of Pediatric Dermatology( IJPD). He has delivered several lectures on Pediatric Dermatology & Atopic Dermatis in India and abroad.

Books & Chapters written by
Dr. Sandipan Dhar

  1. Colour atlas and synopsis of paediatric dermatology :- The first book on the subject of paediatric dermatology from India and its subcontinent. The book is published by JAYPEE BROTHERS, the most renowned medical publisher of south-east Asia & now reputed Globally. It is published in the year of 2003. The 3rd edition was published in the  year 2014. It contains more than 1000 colour photographs and includes all common and some rare dermatoses in paediatric age group. The ‘foreward’ has been written as well as the book has been highly appreciated by Dr. Celia Moss, consultant Paediatric Dermatologist, Birmingham Children’s hospital, UK. The book has been highly appreciated  in the ‘Book-Review’ sections of  the International Journal Of Dermatology ( Vol 47, Issue 10, October 2008) by Prof. Robert A. Scheartz, New Jersy Medical school, USA and   Indian Journal Of Dermatology Venereology & Leprology ( IJDVL) by Prof. K K Rajababu , the former President of IADVL and SAARC Dermatologists’ Association. The book has been catalogued in the internationally acclaimed publisher’s ( www.amazon.com) website. Very recently the book has received a rave review in Br. J Dermatology, August, 2016. 
  1. Common Skin Diseases in children and Adolescents :- A hand book for the paediatricians and beginners in Dermatology, published by Glaxo Smith Kline, Kolkata, 2001.
  2. An Introduction To Dermatology Venereology and Leprosy : A book written along with Dr. A K Bajaj and Dr. Rajeev Sharma,  Jaypee Brothers 2006. Its 2nd edition has recently been published.
  3. Mini Atlas Of Dermatology : written jointly with Dr. A K Bajaj and Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Jaypee Brothers, 1st ed, 2008.
  4. Dermatology Defined( a pocket dictionary in Dermatology) : The first book of its kind from India, Jaypee Brothers, 1st ed,2010.

6. Dermatitis Defined ( a book on various types of eczema in Indian scenario) : The first book on the subject in India, 1st Ed, Mc Millan, 2013

Chapters in National & International Books

  1. Chapter on Atopic Dermatitis, & Section Editor of Genodermatitis in Text Book of Dermatology by Indian Association of Dermatologists Venereologists & Leprologists in several editions.
  2. Test Book of Pediatrics by Dr.Piyush Dutta et al. API Text-Book Of Medicine, 2009
  3. Text Book Of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, edited by Dr. Wiquar Sheikh,2008
  4. Text Book of Practical Pediatrics ( New Delhi, India), 2015
  5. Several other Books edited by Dr. Koushik Lahiri, Dr.Lalit Gupta, Dr. Rashmi Sarkar ,Dr.Nilendu Sarma and a few more
  6. He has contributed two chapters in 4th edition of most prestigious Drs. Moschella & Hurley’s Text Book of Dermatology (USA)
  7. He has contributed a chapter in the most popular Text Book of Pediatric Dermatology in the world ‘ Harpers Text Book of Pedaitrc Dermatology ‘( UK).

Guest Lectures delivered & Chaired Sessions: National & International

1.Dr. Dhar has so far delivered approximately 700 guest lectures & chaired 200 sessions in various National & State conferences, Dermatology, Pediatrics & Pediatric Dermatology.

  1. He has delivered nearly 110+ international and 300+ national lectures.

Some of the notable lectures and session chairs are :

– He was invited to Chair, speak and moderate  the symposium on Atopic Dermatitis at World Congress of Dermatology Vancouver in June 2015. He enthralled 1500 odd Dermatologists across the Globe in the biggest hall of the conference by his splendid deliberation.

– He was  invited to deliver a plenary lecture on ‘ Neonatal Dermatology’ at the Munich International Summer Academy, Munich in July 2015. His plenary lecture was regarded as one of the best two lectures in the entire conference and was attended by 1000 Dermatologists across the Globe. He also organized a workshop on Pediatric Dermatology and spoke on Atopic Dermatitis in the same conference in Munich.

– He  delivered lecture on Pediatric Dermatology at Birmingham Children hospital in June 2016.

– He  has been invited to Chair a very important session on Eczema in World Congress of Pediatric Dermatology at  Chicago, USA in July 2017.

-He had been a plenary speaker( Pediatric Dermatology) and workshop coordinator on Atopic Dermatitis in International Summer Academy, Munich, Germany on 26th July 2017

– He was invited to Chair on a very important session on Eczema in Regional Scientific Meet on Pediatric Dermatology(RSMPD) to be held at Singapore on 26th-29th April, 2018. He will also deliver a Guest Lecture in Pediatric Dermatology session in the conference.

– Dr.Dhar  delivered a Guest Lecture on Pediatric Dermatology at Oxford, by Oxford University on 4th June, 2018.

-He was a guest speaker in the Pediatric Dermatology session and spoke on Atopic Dermatitis in 24th World Congress of Dermatology, Milan, Italy in June 2019. He also spoke on ‘Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis’ in ‘Skin Cancer’ session in the same conference.

Distinguished positions & Honours

  1. “Kataria memorial Gold Medal” for 1991 – 1992, the highest honour bestowed on a resident of PGIMER, Chandigarh for academic, research and extra curricular activities.
  2. Dr. B.B. Gokhale Gold Medal” for presenting the best original research work entitled “Role of Staphylococcus aureus in the pathogenesis and management of Atopic Dermatitis” at the national conference of Indian Associatino of Dermatologists, Venereologist and Leprologists (I.A.D.V.L), Patna 1992.
  3. Delivered the most prestigious B M Ambady oration at the 32nd National Conference Of Indian Association Of Dermatologists Venereologists and Leprologists( IADVL) at Bangalore,2008.
  4. Diplomate of National Board of Educations(DNBE) , 1992
  5. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians ( FRCP), Edinburg, 2017
  6. Honorary life member, New York Academy of Sciences, New York. USA
  7. Life member, American Academy Of Dermatology(AAD)
  8. President, Indian Society for Pediatric Dermatology(ISPD)
  9. Editor-in-Chief, Indian Journal of Paediatric Dermatology(IJPD)
  10. Former Editor, Indian Journal of Dermatology(IJD)
  11. Councilor, International Eczema Council (IEC)
  12. Mentorship Committee Chairman and member,Board of Directors, International society of Pediatric Dermatology
  13. F1000 Prime Faculty (USA)
  14. Delivered very prestigious Prof J M shetty oration, Dr. T S saikia oration, Dr. R K Panja and Dr. A K Bajaj orations

Awareness Programmes & Social Services Given

Dr.Sandipan Dhar regularly conducts ‘awareness programme’ for public twice a year at least to educate people about common skin diseass, myths and misconcepts about common skin problems and their solutions. It has become a practice over last 10 years in Kolkata and people in Bengal wait patiently about it every year to happen..

An in depth knowledge and perception about about various skin diseases are imparted through an interactive sessions.

He regularly conducts free consultation clinics  for both children and adults at Institute of Child Health, Kolkata.